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Welcome to the Winter edition of Health Matters –South Eastern Osteopathy’s seasonal newsletter.

It is our goal to promote health through education on how our bodies work, why they break down and what can be done to prevent or manage these conditions when they occur.


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Diabetes is a chronic illness that affects around 1.7 million Australians. It is characterised by the body’s inability to produce enough insulin (which is used to convert glucose into energy).

  Up to 60% of cases are preventable or at least can be delayed by people maintaining a healthy weight by eating healthy and exercising regularly.

Signs of diabetes include:

                 -passing large amounts of urine frequently

                 -dry mouth, excessive thirst

                 -lack of energy

                 -blurred vision

                 -fruity smelling breath

                 -thrush and cystitis


Diabetes can be diagnosed through blood tests, glucose intolerance tests or blood glucose levels after fasting. Diagnosing type 2 is often slower due to its less acute onset. For further information check out and/or consult your doctor for further testing.


This Issues Topic: The Common Cold


Well it seems the “common cold” season is fast approaching once again.  Adults average around 2-3 colds per year whilst children average 6-10 colds per year.  Symptoms that you may associate a cold with are sore throat, runny nose, short of breath and fever. Colds are due to viruses around the tissues of the nose and throat. These viruses can cause damage and inflammation to healthy cells causing an activation of the sympathetic nervous system. This system sends messages to the spine and can result in tight muscles around the shoulders, neck and upper back.  The sympathetic nervous system also causes the production of thick, slow moving mucous and the irritated spine areas may lead to congestion of body and lymphatic fluids.


Due to the common colds viral origin antibiotics are ineffective. Studies have shown that the use of antibiotics in a viral infection only prolongs the symptomatic stage of the infection.


How can your Osteopath help


Osteopaths commonly treat cold symptoms in conjunction with your regular GP.  Osteopaths can help reduce these symptoms using regular techniques such as mobilisation, stretching, manipulation and myofascial release.

The aim of treatment is to:

                 - Stimulate blood supply and increasing the immune response as a result.

                 - Increase venous and lymphatic drainage which can help with congestion

                 - Decrease joint immobility and sympathetic nerve stimulation

                 - Decrease muscle spasm and pain

                 - Increase a sense of relaxation

                 - Help with a speedier recovery


Gentle techniques such as rib raising manipulation to the upper six ribs help reduce the sensitivity of the adjacent spinal segments and help to reduce the sympathetic outflow to the mucosa of the nose, sinuses and bronchial tubes.


Treatment to the musculature around the neck opens up pathways for lymphatic drainage and by manipulation to dysfunctional neck spinal segments it also reduces the reflex between affected organs and the sensitive segments. It is also important to treat the diaphragm to further help with lymphatic drainage.


Osteopathic treatment has been reported to help decrease the symptoms and duration of colds, to support the body’s homeostasis against infection, prevent complications and recurrence.  In conjunction with treatment the new Fusion Cold and Cough remedy is available to further ease those cold symptoms.


Your Questions?

What is the new EPC (Enhanced Primary Care ) rebate?

You may be able to claim Medicare rebates for Osteopathic services if you have a chronic medical condition that is managed by your GP.  The new rebate is $50.05 per Osteopathic visit under the EPC plan which may apply for up to 5 annual visits.


Until Next Quarter

I would like to leave you with a quote about health and Osteopathy.


‘Osteopathy is based on the perfection of Natures work. When all parts of the human body are in line we have health. When they are not the effect is disease. The work of an Osteopath is to adjust the body from the abnormal to the normal, then the abnormal conditions give place to the normal and health is the result of the normal condition.’


Mark Papallo & Katrina Champion



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