Health Matters. Issue 1:Summer 2008


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Welcome to the first issue of “Health Matters”, a quarterly newsletter created by the Osteopaths at South Eastern Osteopathy. The purpose of this letter is to educate our patients on how our bodies work, why they break down from time to time and what can be done to prevent and manage these conditions when they occur in order to enjoy life as it was meant to be - free from pain and discomfort.


One stand out problem our practitioners have encountered throughout their careers is the lack of knowledge and misunderstanding of how the body works and how to then prevent these problems from occurring. Therefore, each season, Katrina Champion, Mark Papallo and several other practitioners will discuss new and practical advice on health and wellbeing.


As summer heats up and we all start to get outside more, be sure you remember to slip, slop, slap and get your skin checked for melanomas regularly. We recommend Dr Denis O’Brien at Mermaid Beach Medical Centre, for his professional nature and up-to-date technology for diagnosing and managing these aggressive cancers.


 This Issues Topic: Pain in the Neck


The most common neck complaint that presents to South Eastern Osteopathy is the condition:

Janda’s Upper Cross Syndrome.


This is a fancy title for a global imbalance of muscles and joints throughout the shoulder and neck regions that causes a forward head posture, rounded shoulders, pain throughout the neck, shoulders, back and breathing difficulties.



Diagram 1. Janda’s Upper Cross


What is Upper Cross Syndrome and how do you develop it?


As shown in Diagram 1 – Upper Cross Syndrome is simply a weakening and lengthening of the posterior upper back and neck muscles, and the tightening and shortening of the anterior opposing muscles.  


People generally develop this posture by slouching over the computer, repetitive tasks in front of their body, over developing their anterior “show” muscles at the gym or inadequate stretching.


This posture puts a lot of strain not only on our neck muscles but is also a prime cause for tension type headaches, shoulder pain/dysfunction and drainage issues of the head, sinuses and ears.


What can I do to help myself?


At this clinic, Osteopathic manual treatment of the neck, chest and upper back areas is implemented to improve circulation, release restricted joints, reduce tension in the muscles, thus reducing the frequency of this postural related pain syndrome.


We will also prescribe a thorough exercise, stretching, ergonomic and postural retraining programme, which will involve you strengthening what is weak and stretching what is tight. Too easy!


Be sure to view some essential exercises that are illustrated on our website. Go to the exercise tips and upper body stretches page at


Your Questions?


Please email your queries to


What’s New at South Eastern Osteopathy?


Katrina and Mark have opened their new clinic located at 3 Currumbin Creek Road, Currumbin Waters, to better service the southern part of the Gold Coast.


Our practitioners are also assessing various Health programmes such as yoga clinics in the local area, so as to better refer patients for the services their bodies require.


Until Next Quarter

Next issues topic will cover “The Core of the Matter” - what is core stability and why do I need to know about it?


We sincerely hope that you will enjoy this quarterly newsletter and continue to learn from it.


Feedback on our new clinic and newsletter is greatly appreciated. Contact


Remember - regular maintenance treatments and movement are advised, as prevention is better and much less painful than an injury.


Katrina Champion & Mark Papallo - your osteopath on the Gold Coast

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  • Issue 1: Summer 2008
  • Issue 2: Autumn 2009
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